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  • Diadermine

Diadermine | Diadermine Lift + Superfiller Dagcreme 5 cl

263,00 €/l
5 cl
263,00 €/l

penetrates into the skin and by swelling, replumps wrinkles from inside, like injections are doing. The 5 % Hyaluron delivers hyaluronic acid to the skin surface up to 24 hours to visibly smoothen the skin all day long LIFT+ SUPERFILLER Hyaluron Day Cream combines 2 powerful anti-age actions: DURABLE LIFTING EFFECT The powerful formula with Pro-Collagen acts on most important types of collagen, to redensify the collagen net and to improve skin firmness. FILLS & REPLENISHES The Micro-injected HA is hyaluronic acid in small spheres that

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